H = porn
"Ping" is a command used to check if a computer is connected to a network and the time needed to get data from that computer, it takes its name from sonar terminology.

Piro speaks:
I've actually thought thru a lot of the technical and behavioral aspects of Ping and how it relates to the MT story. While i dont really have the technical background to get down to the tiniest details of how she might or might not work, i think the overall concept is possible. Basically, I started by thinking about the development process - the goals of the engineers and developers has a lot to do with how she turned out.
Also, she has a lot of features that are specific do dealing with the real world otaku who would buy such a device (if you think its not possible, think again. I have seen full scale dolls of Shiori-san from Tokimemo and Full size Ruri dolls.)
The speculation on the H stuff is interesting to read, and I wont say anything on it right now. H models are roumored to exist, but sony does not sell them or admit to thier existance. Such use would go against the primary reason for thier development.

Piro speaks:
She has a specific purpose in the story, and she is a spoof on most of the android girls that you find in anime (multi, nukunuku, Mari, etc) - which doesnt automatically make her a "oh, what are you doing? oh dear!" kind of character. Trust me, i know alllll about what people are thinking - which is exactly what i wanted. It just makes what i will be doing more effective in the end.

Piro speaks:
Ping is loosley based on the robot girl character type, which is far from uncommon in anime. Specifically, she draws inspiration from the likes of Nuku Nuku (who really DOES have ear blades, if you care to look - much more similar than chi's ear pods), Multi from To Heart (who ALSO has actual ear blades), Mari from Boku no Mari (who, well, doesnt have ear blades but looks exactly like the girl the guy who made her has a crush on) and... well, there are many others.
he similarites to Chi were quite amusing to see once i had a chance to read Chobits. The sensitivity to this issue you see here in the forums is because for a while i was getting a lot of very very nasty emails and flames saying that i was ripping off CLAMP and how i stole the idea of Ping from them. Hardly.
While we're at it, why dont we all realize that Piro is nothing more than a male version of Ruri from Nadesico, and Largo is a conglomeration of every blustering idiot male character from really bad sentai shows of the 70s, and Miho is nothing more than a rip off of the whole japanese Lolita gothic scene, and Kimiko is just a blank nothing, and Erika is a total rip off from Excel Saga (well, she sorta was at the time), and boo was ripped of from some video game (wait, he sorta was) and Junpei is a rip of some character from some fighting game (oh dear, he was, sorta, except i had no visual references so i made him up), and dom and Ed are a pure rip off of Spy vs Spy...
Man, i am a rip off, arent i?

Dom speaks:
Ping-chan's hair is of no one color. Imagine her as you will--it's correct, sometimes.
Remember, she matches characters.

Asmodeus speaks:
Yes, Ping can change her hair color and eye color depending on the situation and the games loaded. Her basic hair/eye color is grey.

Dom speaks:
Her hair is whatever color she wants it to be, or what her programming decides it should be.
Default, it's silver.