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Piro speaks:
Actually, this discussion is very amusing - because the concept of what's real and what isnt in the MT universe is a little different than what you normally find in your standard anime/manga.
One of the key elements to the concepts behind MT is that your reality is based on how you percieve things. Your brain takes in very limited information thry your senses, put it together as best it can, tinged with preconceptions and expectations of 'normalcy'. You could almost say we are expanding upon the 'if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it fall, did it really fall?' to 'if a Totoro lands in a tree in the forest, but no one sees it, does that mean the Totoro doesnt exist?"
Anyways, don't bet the farm on what's real and what isnt yet. Every story, no matter how realistic, happens in a 'fantasy' world. Americans have this somewhat candied view of what Tokyo and life in japan is like because of anime. No matter how real a anime or manga is, our perception of it is going to be far different than someone who lives there.