Guest strip from Sam Brown.

Piro speaks:
Well, by its very nature, guest strips contain interpretations of characters that may be and often are very different than what largo and i would do. I thought this strip was amusing, mostly because it seemed to show a evil largo and evil version of erika - lets face it, can you REALLY see largo hitting on girls in a bar? - at least, that's not how he would do it.
Anyways, if i screened all the guest strips to make sure they fit all the characters perfectly, and the story, etc, i wouldnt be able to use any (for instance, sorry, but in the PSO 'shorter taunts' comic ... the pso-piro has boobs that are WAY too big... ^^)
sorry if people took offence - there are some that you REALLY will not like, if you didnt like this one ^_^

Largo's shirt: "Lamer Exterminator" references an Amiga computer virus.