Piro speaks:
Actually, one of the 'warmth' characters made a cameo appearence in 'envelope'
That's Emi-chan. At the cash register.

Piro speaks:
relax folks,
Warmth is a small project that will happen some day, not in place of MT. MT will continue just the way its been going.
i just felt like drawing some other stuff on sunday.

Piro speaks:
Warmth has some far darker elements to it than MT.

Piro speaks:
'warmth' is a manga/story/visual novel (the actual method of delivering the story was still under consideration, and i still havent decided yet) that i am still working on when i can. It's been on hiatus, really, for almost a year. The goal of drawing Megatokyo was to give myself enough practice and improve my skills so that i could do soemething like 'warmth' the way i wanted to do it. It's a future project, will happen someday, and no, i will not be releasing any preliminary panels, drawings, sketches or spoilers above and beyond what is on fredart and MT.

Piro speaks:
Anyways, one thing i want to avoid at all costs is apearing to 'rip off' games or anime titles that successfuly pull off this genre. Megatokyo has enough other stuff in it that comparisons are more like parody than copying. Warmth is a more direct attempt to capture the moods of the genre, and i do worry that some of it might cut a little close to being similar here and there, but that is mostly in my head these days. After all, i came up with the entire concept for warmth based on the mood and feelings i got from the kanon artwork, the limited amounts that i was able to access, and the music from the series, long before i understood or knew what the story was. I was forced to find my own way there. Still, there were some unexpected similarites which made me blink, and i've done some revisionary thinking that in the end resulted in a much better story. I think

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