Piro and Kimiko are wearing their outfits from the railcard incident.

Piro speaks:
good grief people, its a COVER STUDY, its NOT THE FINAL COVER
geeze. and i know full well that i'm gonna catch hell from fans for this character or that character that isnt on the cover - i cant do a frigin full cast shot, you know.

Piro speaks:
Right now, i'm thinking that there will be nothing on the cover except the title. Blank sounds very good to me right now.
i'm dead serious when i say that i really wish i didnt have to put either Largo or Piro on the cover - also, a Piro/Largo cover would actually discourage most people from picking it up in the bookstore (they are not exactly the best character designs in the world, you know). Also, I don't particularly like either character (which is why you never really see a lot of 'Piro and Largo' art outside of the comic itself).
Before you jump on my case about this, keep in mind that Largo and Piro are not SUPPOSED to be anyone special. They are both pathetic, aimless losers who are incapable of doing anything outside of thier own little 'bubble' of a world. I guess thats why i have zero respect for either of them (and hence have no desire to draw them)
FYI, the image i posted monday has been completely discarded as a candidate for the cover. I'll post more stuff later if i have time.