A new challenger has arrived - The sort of thing that a fighting game says when you are playing a one player game and a second player joins.

Dom speaks:
Facts that we (and by 'we', I mean 'you') know:
1) "Damn ninjas, always sneaking up on you."
2) Junpei is a ninja.
3) Erika is not a kunoichi.
4) Guns are illegal in Japan, though Dom and Ed seem to have exceptions
5) Even pieces of paper are sharp weapons when wielded properly
6) Ed's warning systems say "a new challenger has arrived".
7) It appears to say "PS3" on Ed's shirt.
8) It appears as if Dom is reaching for a gun.

kunoichi = female ninja

Dom speaks:
Just as a fun little note... Ed's desktop theme had his cursor as a Quake axe for the longest time. And his favorite weapon in Resident Evil is the knife.
Me, I take what I can get. Though I do have a fondness for the grenade launchers and, yes, the Ripper.