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Piro speaks:
Just for the record, there are a lot of things that influence this image. 'wings' are a common theme in anime, and all other sorts of art, and the symbolism can be taken at so many levels. I'm actually working on a rant where i talk about influences and thought paths, because this picture is a good example of one. The idea for this actually came from being influenced by two current anime shows, Haibane Renmei and Saikano (there is a illustration of Chise in particular that inspired the wing idea, tho the pose is much more 'broken doll' ish) Also, i have a lot of random reference material, including some copies of 'Gothic & Lolita' that helps with costuming ideas, to get the right idea across.
I know that an auctioned image could go for quite a bit more money that i am really comfortable with taking (the last one i did went for $1700+) and while this is great, i'm racked with guilt over the poor quality of the one that sold for that much. I wanted this image to not only be potent, but well drawn and detailed as well, so it will be at least somewhat worth whatever amount is bid on it.
Also, Merekat (who rendered the Pirogoeth image) is pretty much batting me around with a big mallet to let her render it, and I'm probably going to let her - so sometime in a month or so we should have a pretty kick-ass rendered image of this.
What else? I'm considering doing a series of these - MT girls with wings... each girl would have a different representation that comes from who they are. It's an intriquing idea, and i'm probably going to scribble on that all week.

This art became the third MegaTokyo poster.