Piro speaks:
The kimiko with wings drawing has been bothering me for almost a month now. I knew that it would be the hardest to do. What you see here is a study. The Broken Miho came out great - pretty much a finished piece. the Grey Erika is a study that i think ended up being pretty close what the final drawing will be. Kimiko, who you will notice is just called 'kimiko' is an odd sketch. It came quickly, and is far different than the conceptual sketches, which were more of a crunched over kimiko with covered wings in a full length skirt of molted patterns... but this sketch is the one that came out, and it came together quickly - less than an hour. There are problems with the drawing, in fact i felt that there is something wrong with it - its not communicating everything i want it to communicate. I felt there was something missing... but also that that emptiness of feeling was somehow appropriate, as if Kimiko herself isn't hiding anything, but is also restraining herself, and that she is herself no matter what world you put her in. I dont know if anyone has ever noticed, but when Kimiko gets in costume, she takes on qualities of that costume - none of the other MT characters do that. From the start, Kimiko has been the hardest character to come to terms with. She's the character that i am most apt to miss the mark with, which always makes me nervous.