Cereal Experiments Largo - pun on Serial Experients Lain
cyb3rnode = cybernode
Smeg - yes, that's a real brand.
3vil = evil
B3owulf cluster = Beowulf cluster

From the Beowulf mailing list FAQ:

1. What's a Beowulf? [1999-05-13]
It's a kind of high-performance massively parallel computer built primarily out of commodity hardware components, running a free-software operating system like Linux or FreeBSD, interconnected by a private high-speed network. It consists of a cluster of PCs or workstations dedicated to running high-performance computing tasks. The nodes in the cluster don't sit on people's desks; they are dedicated to running cluster jobs. It is usually connected to the outside world through only a single node.

t3h 3vil = the evil
CPUs = Central Processing Units
Ph34r my m4d mod'n s|<illz. = Fear my mad modding skills.
"Mod" is short for "modification".