Asmodeus speaks:
That's a cosplay of Sakurako Izumi, a new heroine in Da Capo Plus Situation for PS2. The original Da Capo is a NC-17 PC game but PS2 version has been censored so has no raunchy scenes. It's all safe.

Dom's rants for strips [456] and [447] also talk about Da Capo's pink bear.

Piro speaks:
actually, its not that girly. If you look at Izumiko's actual outfit, there's a skirt and big pink legs too... the first drawing i did piro WAS in a skirt... then i decided that there's no way Erika would be THAT mad at him (that and it was really creepy looking)
so i put normal pants on him, and he still has his 'latency' shirt on underneath (which you see poking out quite a bit). To me, this is still within the ok relm. :P