Piro speaks:
note: references to 'nip stick 3000', which was a reference to Cat nip, therefore 'Nip Stick', have been dropped. It completely escaped my mind that this could be seen as a racial slur, so i've erased it from the comic.
My appologies to any who were offended, and for the record i don't think there have been. The potential slur was pointed out to me by some readers, and when i realized that it might be taken wrong, it was my decision to delete it. No one forced me, no one badgered me, no one even indicated to me that i should change it. it was MY decision.
Just like myself, many people don't even know what 'nip' is a racial slur for. It is short for 'Nipponese' - and, in short, it is a slur against the Japanese. Definately not something that *I* of all people would ever want to imply in this comic.