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Guide Key:

Strip number, title, date. In logical order instead of the original sequence. Strips load in a separate browser window. Everything else loads in another separate browser window.

MegaTokyo fan Kim Justice has written a bunch of music that was inspired by the strip. Listed are suggested songs assigned to strips thematically, as a way to add a soundtrack to things. Download the music or listen to it streaming from Kim's site.

Creative writing
Writing haiku and other forms of poetry and creative writing for each strip is a forum favorite. Read the threads that result.

Learn about the anime, manga, gaming, and pop culture references you missed. Read forum postings from the strip creators and get behind the scenes info. Also, translations for the l33t and Japanese.

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More stuff:

  • Cliff Notes of the MegaTokyo storyline
  • A character list of folks we've met in MegaTokyo
  • A copy of the old character description page from before Fred took it down because people kept bugging him to update it
  • A transcript of MegaTokyo
  • Just to make more work for myself, a giant page containing most of the comic rant columns
  • The Reader's Guide MegaTokyo FAQ
  • MegaTokyo Drinking Games
  • MegaTokyo Links - as comprehensive as I could get it
  • A MegaTokyo trailer I threw together for fun
  • In lieu of a real site history page, here's a listing of each page by last altered date.

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