This marks the first appearance of Miho, she didn't show up in the comic until much later. Before her real name was known everybody called her "darkly cute", and it remains her nickname.
What's that line a reference to?

Dom speaks:
MacBeth. "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." Yay for trocheic trimeter.

Piro speaks:
actually when i design hair stuffs i *try* to make it realistic. The ribbon-threaded-thru-hair thing is something i've done a lot of over the years (for instance, was one of many experiments)
THe concept is that it IS a single ribbon, and that its goes over the top of her head (framing her bangs) and is then threaded thru her side peices of hair. I think that she uses a seperate ribbon to tie it back, not sure yet.
There are a lot of reasons that i am specifically using a ribbon with Miho. they are pretty easy to figure out, actually...

Piro speaks:
I have no clue who she was, of course, and this was just a girl who was walking around at Art Fair, in the same area at the same time I was (over on South U, actually). It was not like i saw her everday or anything, i just remember that she was pretty much that image of the perkigoth girl that fit some of my ideas.
Intriguing thought tho, that the girl who inspired her has no clue. its amusing really.
now there IS a girl who is a friend of mine who was a big help with helping me find info and correct facts on goth/perkigoth culture, a gal named Tenebrae. I call her my 'goth advisor'