This is the MegaTokyo story summary, without the funny, without the emotion, and with the parallel plot threads split up. You are advised to simply read the strips from the beginning.

Chapter 0

Relax, We Understand j00

Piro and Largo visit E3, where they see their old friend Dom who works at Sega. Piro drags Largo onto an airplane bound for Japan. On board, Largo helps out L33t D00d. With no passport, Largo gets through customs by defeating Junpei. After a shopping spree during which Largo buys a cool thing, the two don't have enough money for return tickets. Piro looks up his local friend Tsubasa, who arrives in time to see Largo break his arm. Piro and Largo run off to the Tokyo Game Show, where booth babe Erika breaks Largo's other arm. Tsubasa manages to find the two, and he takes them to an Anna Miller's restaurant where Kimiko is their waitress. Tsubasa takes them home, where they spend six weeks playing video games. Largo calls Dom and Dom's arch-rival Ed for money, which they waste.

Piro wanders off to a bookstore, where he reads some shoujo manga. He is frightened away by some schoolgirls, Yuki and her two friends. Seraphim, Piro's conscience, scolds him for his Japanese schoolgirl fetish. Yuki discovers that Piro left his bookbag behind, and discovers his sketchbook inside. Largo locks himself out of Tsubasa's apartment and is discovered by Junpei, who lives next door and wants to learn how to be l33t. Piro buys a new rail card, but he gives it to Kimiko and runs off. He returns to the apartment and finds Largo with Junpei's computer, which he networks with Tsubasa's so the two can enjoy a game of Quake.

Later, Piro spies Yuki with his bookbag and follows her into a MegaGamers store where Erika makes him an employee. Yuki finds him at the checkout counter and runs away. Seraphim gains an assistant, Boo the hamster, who is adopted by Largo. The two find the Necrowombicon, and Largo believes that he has accidentally called forth zombies, so he calls for help from Dom and Ed. Miho appears and Largo believes her to be evil. Largo finds Piro at the store, as does Tsubasa, who has with him Ping, a prototype android girl for the PS2. Kimiko arrives looking for Erika and recognizes Piro. Largo attacks a dance club where Miho is and gets carted off by the police, but Junpei hires a Rent-a-zilla and busts him out of jail. Piro and Largo return to Tsubasa's apartment to find that he has gone to America but left Ping behind.

Chapter 1

Do you want to save before you quit?

The next morning, Kimiko obsesses over the rail card. Piro leaves for work. Erika tells Piro he can stay in the apartment above the store. Largo activates Ping's angry mode, and she chases him with a lamppost. Largo runs across Miho and follows her to school, where he is mistaken for the new English teacher. Ping follows Largo to the school as well, where she steals a uniform and shows up in Largo's class, which scares him so much he jumps out the window, injuring his leg. After class, Miho befriends Ping. Yuki shows up at MegaGamers to return Piro's bookbag, but is caught by her friends before she can make a request of him.

Boo finds an injured Largo and takes him to an arcade, where he runs into Miho and Ping. Miho challenges Largo to a game against Ping. Following the advice of L33t D00d, Largo chooses the game Mosh Mosh Revolution. Both players collapse, Largo from his injured leg and Ping from a dead battery, destroying the machine and forcing an evacuation of the arcade. Drawn by the commotion, Piro encounters Miho, who goes home and ponders over her familiarity with Piro and Largo. Kimiko gets two spaghetti dinners to share with Piro, but Ping answers the door and she gives Piro both dinners. Largo finally remembers where he's met Miho before, the online game Endgames. Meanwhile, Dom and Ed are on their way to Tokyo with secret orders from Sega and Sony to recover or destroy the missing Ping.

Chapter 2

things change little by little...

Miho stops by to pick up Ping for school. Largo begins to construct ph34r bots out of boxes and other random material. The students dislike the new English teacher and demand Largo back. The school sends Junpei to fetch him. Kimiko, at a voice audition for Kotone, a character in a dating sim computer game, is directed to read the lines happily, but she reads them sadly instead. The character designer prefers Kimiko's interpretation, but the director is hesitant to make changes to the game, leading Kimiko to think that she's not going to get the part. Asmodeus, the evil conscience, shows up to cause trouble with Piro and Seraphim.

At the school, Miho faints in the bathroom. Largo sends her to the Nurse's office and retrieves her dropped cell phone. Dom and Ed arrive in Tokyo and search for Largo. Ed finds Ping in the nurse's office at Miho's bedside. She throws him out a window. Yuki returns to the store and asks Piro to teach her to draw. He initially refuses, but Erika talks him into agreeing to give her lessons. Miho dreams of the Endgames showdown, where Piro defeated her despite her cheating. She wakes up and ponders over her friendship with Ping, then invites her to spend the night at her place.

Largo returns to the store, and Erika invites him and Piro to a beer garden with her and Kimiko. Largo relates how earlier that day he fought against a zombie horde with Dom, but the fighting was interrupted by Yuki's father, an officer in the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Divison. At the same time, Kimiko chews out Piro and returns the rail card to him. On the way home, Largo is once again too forward with Erika and she injures his arm. Ping calls Piro on Miho's cell phone and is upset that he had forgotten about her. Asmodeus challenges Seraphim to a duel, which she wins.

Chapter 3

Am I Your Number One Fan?

Yuki stops by the store to say hi to Piro, as do Miho and Ping. Dom and Ed show up at the store and meet Junpei and Erika. Largo deploys ph34r bots around the neighborhood, but Junpei hauls him off to the school again. Piro takes notice of the schoolgirl uniform costume that Kimiko made for Erika to wear, and Seraphim again berates him over his schoolgirl fetish. Erika talks to Piro about Kimiko's bad mood the night before. Largo takes his class to the arcade, and he provokes Miho into a battle. They play Super Moe Moe Ball, and despite L33t D00d's help Largo loses. When he leaves the arcade, he is arrested by officer Sonoda (Yuki's dad).

Meanwhile, Erika tells Piro that Kimiko is up for the role of Kotone, and Piro takes a lunch break to go see Kimiko at the Anna Miller's restaurant. Ping takes a faint Miho into the same restaurant, where she watches Piro and Kimiko. After Kimiko spills coffee on Piro, her manager sends her home. Officer Sonoda gets sidetracked by Gameru, a giant drunk turtle on a rampage. Gameru soundly defeats him, while Piro and Kimiko recall the first time they met at the Anna Miller's. Largo provokes Ping in the hope she will attack Gameru. Kimiko receives a phone call telling her she got the part of Kotone. Piro gives her a page from his sketchbook. It is a drawing of Kotone, the Sad Girl in Snow sketch. Piro is embarrassed, but Kimiko decides to keep the sketch. Ed takes up position atop a nearby building in order to shoot Ping. Gameru pushes Ping too far, and she throws him into the same building Ed is on. Kimiko finds a comment that Yuki wrote on the back of the sketch, and teases Piro about it. Ping's batteries run out, and officer Sonoda releases Largo and takes him for a congratulatory beer. Kimiko departs, and Miho, who has been watching everything, analyzes Piro's and Largo's personalities and schemes to involve herself in the "games" of their lives.

Piro, confused by Kimiko's reactions, returns to the shoujo manga shelf at the bookstore, while Yuki arrives at MegaGamers for her art lessons. Piro returns too late, but Erika passes on Yuki's phone number. Piro uses Miho's cell phone to call Yuki and reschedule for the next day. Miho shows up at the door with Ping in tow, followed by Largo, who has been made an agent of the Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division. Miho promises to return the next day to help Piro give Ping a much needed bath, and Largo leaves to buy supplies with his Cataclysm Division issue credit card. After sending in their daily reports, Boo and Seraphim watch over Piro, while Asmodeus hacks Seraphim's laptop computer. Back home, a smiling Kimiko hangs the Kotone sketch on the refrigerator.

Chapter 4

Low Ping Rate

Piro wakes up to find Largo working on his new computer system. He wakes Ping, who has developed cold symptoms. With her hair still dirty from turtle breath, Ping wants to wash it but can't manage it by herself. Miho shows up to take Ping and the boys to a nearby public bath. Serpahim and Boo follow, but Seraphim is distracted by a cat faking distress in order to capture her. A paniced Boo chases after. The cat is Belphegor, sent by Asmodeus to keep Seraphim out of the way while he causes trouble at the bathhouse. However, he arrives too late to do anything.

At the MegaGamers store, Dom confronts Erika with two of her old albums, revealing that he knows of her past as an idol singer and anime voice actress who suddenly disappeared from the industry years before. At school, Yuki mopes despite repeated attempts to cheer her up. Stopping at a cake shop for a snack, Miho reveals to Piro what Largo already figured out, that she is their old adversary from the online game Endgames, in which she used hidden emotional statistics to control all the players but Piro and Largo. She teases Piro about their in game relationship and how real Ping is. Kimiko starts her new job at LockArt, but has some trouble staying in character. Miho takes the group shopping, lets Piro keep her cell phone, gives Ping a gift, and tells Largo she left something for him at the apartment. He hurries back to prepare for an attack, which comes in the form of fanboys who have been alerted to Erika's location by anonymous internet postings. Piro and Ping return to the MegaGamers store, and Yuki's friends arrive to warn Piro against hurting Yuki's feelings.

Boo requests help from the Conscience Enforcement Authority headquarters and receives extensive equipment, and he moves to save Seraphim, fighting Belphegor off with a catnip mouse gun. Kimiko arrives at the store just as Ping knocks a shelf over and accidentally injures Piro. Kimiko ruminates on how real Ping's feelings are, but Piro dismisses Ping as just a gaming accessory. Ping sees Kimiko tending to his wound, and after a diagnostic believes she is playing a game called "Catalyst". Ed, with a new face, arrives to capture Ping, but Erika gets rid of him. Kimiko gives Piro a gift, a sketch by Sayuri from the Sight staff, before heading off to her Anna Miller's job. The fanboys begin to investigate the store, but TPCD defense robots controlled by Largo make short work of them. Largo's computer is attacked by a fanboy in the form of a magical girl avatar, Erika's character Moeko from the show Girl Phase. One of the fanboys outside the store, Kobayashi, manages to get back to his feet and enter the store. Ping forces Piro to admit he likes Kimiko. Her gift from Miho turns out to be a cell phone. Largo appears in the store and tosses Kobayashi out, despite his protests of searching for the idol, which a shocked Erika overhears.

Asmodeus arrives to confront Boo, and the ensuing battle knocks a crate onto Seraphim. Yuki arrives at the store for her lesson, but believes Erika to be Piro's girlfriend and is too shy to go in. Her brother Yuuji shows up just as she is leaving to see for himself if the rumor of Erika's whereabouts are true. Erika leaves, and Piro heads off for a walk. He gets a call on his cell phone from Miho, who reveals that her gift to Largo was actually nothing at all and continues to tease Piro. Seraphim discourages Piro from persuing a relationship with Kimiko, and smiles smugly.

Omake Theater 1

Grand Theft Colo: Otaku City

MegaTokyo fanboy #1 barges into Cologuys webhosting to protest the disappearance of the MT website. Ukyo the admin reveals that the server, Makoto, was kidnapped by Largoshin and Dom, who take her to Tokyo, where she is stolen from them by Piroko and Kimiko. Largo fights back with his mecha, but Makoto runs away, only to be found by Miho. She escapes again but is finally captured by corrupt police officers Erika and Yuki, whose auction of her is interrupted by Piro, who has turned homicidal maniac and kills everyone but leaves a mentally damaged Makoto with a plane ticket home.

Chapter 5

Color Depth

Kimiko flubs another line in the recording studio. She later talks with Sayrui about how she hope to use the game to share her feelings and how Piro is something of an inspiration for that. Meanwhile, Erika brings breakfast up to Piro and Largo. It turns out there is quite a crowd of Erika's fans outside the store, and Dom is among them. Ping heads off to school, and runs into Junpei outside. Piro heads down to the store, where Yanagisawa helps him make the connection between the Erika he knows and the famous idol she used to be. Erika informs a worried Largo that she doesn't need his help, right before she trips on a cable and pulls Largo down with her. He warns her that her fans use the internet to organise, then he accidentally gropes her. Junpei arrives, and translates an internet discussion about the rediscovered idol. Largo concludes the idol is an evil thing worshiped by the undead, and leaves with Junpei out the window to investiage the crowd further. A surprised Erika leans out the window, alerting the crowd to her presence. Largo, seeking to save Erika from the crowd, sets out to the school for reinforcements.

Asmodeus and Boo discover Seraphim tormenting children in a park, but she runs off as they approach. Back at the recording studio, a scene where Kotone's cat dies brings Kimiko to tears while a seduction scene causes her to rebuff the phony dialogue in the script. Ed shows up in Ping's class claiming to be a substitute teacher. He waxes philosophical while setting up a KillTrunk plamsa cannon to kill Ping. Largo arrives and leaves with the class, and Junpei breaks the KillTrunk controls. After Piro informs Yanagisawa of Erika's whereabouts, they open a trapdoor to the apartment. Erika comes down and resigns herself to facing the crowd. Seraphim appears, shows no sympathy, and again discourages him regarding Kimiko. Asmodeus shows up, but she doesn't recognize him. This is because she's actually Seraphim's sister, which the real Seraphim explains as she arrives, and she's not happy that her sister has been meddling with Piro.

Largo forces a startling confession from Junko, his unceasing critic, while Ed targets Ping with the KillTrunk. Erika lets her hair down and gives a fake smile for the crowd, but the KillTrunk blast hits the area like an earthquake and wrecks the store. Fortunately, the blast missed Ping by a hair. Erika and Piro go outside to check on the condition of the fans, and they mob her. Largo rushes in and tries to forcefully remove Erika for her own safety. The students argue with the fanboys while Erika removes herself from Largo's grip and reiterates that she doesn't want his help.

Kimiko heads out of the studio after being informed of an upcoming "Sight" promotional event. The Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division passes her by on their way to MegaGamers. As they arrive, Piro gets beat on by angry fanboys. Ed corrects his aim and shoots again, but the TPCD's Rent-a-zilla swallows the blast. Erika pulls an injured Piro inside while a fanboy dons his Moeko costume, which horrifies Largo. Kimiko comes to the rescue though as the fanboy is embarrassed by her praise of the costume and runs away. Largo and Kimiko converse with Junko translating. Officer Sonoda walks over and explains to Kimiko what happened, then fires Largo. Kimiko rushes into the store and nearly smothers Piro while trying to help with his bleeding nose. She tells Erika that Sonoda is outside and she goes to talk to him. Largo argues for his job while an orbital laser platform takes out the school and Ed's KillTrunk. Sonoda explains the purpose of idols to keep order in society and the dangerous potential of Erika's lingering popularity. Erika arrives outside, tells him off, and heads back inside, but stops long enough to ask about his brother.

Miho finds Yuki at the bookstore and takes her dress shopping while dropping hints about Piro. They arrive at MegaGamers to find Ping upset about the injured Rent-a-zilla, but Miho calms her down despite Yuki's disapproval of her methods. Yuki ducks into MegaGamers to avoid being seen by her father, and bowls over Erika, who mistakes her for another fan and nearly breaks her arm before apologizing and stalking off. Largo launches into a lecture about not preparing to accept defeat like the TPCD does, but Miho cuts him off and expounds on her style of not fighting battles that might not be won, and avoiding the pain of losing by instead watching others play. Largo tries to regain the upper hand, but Miho snaps at him and scolds him for using others to fight his battle, and doing it poorly. Everybody leaves, and Boo offers Largo a beer. Junpei finds Dom in a blimp overhead and learns of his plan to use Erika's idol power for Sega's benefit.

Piro shoves Kimiko aside and ducks into the bathroom, where another of Seraphim's sisters appears and encourages him to accept that he is a dork but to pursue a relationship with Kimiko anyway. Erika gives him a new t-shirt to replace his bloodsoaked one. Yuki asks Kimiko if Piro and Erika are lovers, which Kimiko laughs at. Piro overhears and agrees, but Kimiko is embarrassed at her unintended slight of him. Largo enters the store and interrupts, but Piro shoos him away. Yuki takes the opportunity to leave the store, once again without an art lesson. Largo finds Erika in the break room and engages her in a game of Dead or Alive. In the end, she admits that he helped her through the day. While they clean the store, Kimiko tells Piro the story of Erika's engagement to Hitoshi Sonoda and how he broke it off because he thought her to be too good for him. This rings true with Piro, who has been thinking the same thing of Kimiko. Then they talk about how he and Largo endure being stuck in Tokyo. Finally, everybody gathers for dinner and some further words of encouragement to Erika.

Chapter 6

Operational Insecurity

Junpei learns that a contract has been taken out on Largo, but he turns down the mission. Erika is at MegaGamers, signing things for an unusually orderly stream of fans. Suspicious, she goes outside and finds Junpei, who informs her that he and Largo are forcing the fans to follow a schedule. She heads up to the apartment and confronts Largo, but he convinces her that the fans cannot be handled except via computer. However, she insists on doing it herself, even though she does not own a computer. Largo agrees to teach her how to build one. Downstairs, Ping returns with an invitation from Miho to go to the Cave of Evil. Meanwhile, Kimiko learns that she is scheduled to be on a radio show that night.

After a while, Erika heads out to purchase parts. Largo comes downstairs and a worried Piro is relieved to hear they weren't doing anything more up there than holding computer lessons. Erika has a hard time buying what she needs, but Largo follows her and coerces the store clerks into selling her the high-end equipment on her list. Dom threatens Erika on the street, but Largo runs him over with a scooter and confronts him. Dom counters by telling Largo about the contract on him. Largo then uses the scooter to combat fans on the street who recognize Erika. Back at the store, Piro answers Erika's ringing cell phone. It's Kimiko, looking for advice for the radio show. He gives her some, but immediately regrets it, fearing that he gave her bad advice. Kimiko calls back to thank him, but he doesn't answer. Instead he asks Junpei to take him and Ping to Erika.

They catch up with Largo just as Erika is surprised by her old friend Sonoda Meimi, who expresses concern for Erika's wellbeing. Junpei warns Largo that Meimi is a dangerous magical girl. Piro gives Erika her cell phone and leaves with Ping, and Meimi assumes Largo is Erika's boyfriend. Erika forces him to play along. After Meimi leaves, they go to a restaurant, where Erika offers to sleep with him if he will go away. He refuses and walks out, while Junpei and Meimi observe from an upper level. Meanwhile, Ping notices that Piro is depressed and convinces him to talk with her about it. He is still worried that he couldn't help Kimiko. Ping gives him Kimiko's cell phone number in exchange for taking her to the Cave of Evil that night.

Once back at the store, Piro is too nervous to call her, but gets encouragement from Yanagisawa. Miho calls him and invites him to the Cave of Evil to listen to Kimiko's radio appearance. A drunken Largo arrives and sits on Piro's glasses, he retreats to the appartment where he finally calls Kimiko but only gets her voice mail and is too nervous to leave a message. When Kimiko checks her phone she calls MegaGamers and learns of Piro's inability to call her from Yanagisawa.

Piro and Ping head for the Cave of Evil, with Largo trailing behind. Miho meets them and observes that Ping has assumed from Piro's moping that Kimiko rejected him and is trying to comfort him. Largo arrives and Miho gets him a drink at the bar while Piro and Ping head upstairs to listen to the radio show. Ping refuses to let him listen, but Piro pushes her away and explains it was his own failure that made him upset, not a rejection from Kimiko. At the radio studio, the hyperactive host Aoi Mumu makes Kimiko nervous while fellow guest Chiba Shigeo tries to reassure her. The interview gets sidetracked into mocking fanboys, but Kimiko rebukes them and sympathizes with the fanboys' feelings of inadequacy.

Down at the bar, Miho probes Largo with questions and mocks his failure with Erika. Piro inturrupts her and drags Largo away after severly scolding her, leaving her in tears. A barely coherent Largo believes himself weak and defeated, and is frightened to see that Meimi has followed him. Kimiko calls Piro and comes to join him to help with Largo. Largo is spooked by her and takes off running. She gives chase and tackles him while Junpei confronts Meimi, who has taken on the contract but doesn't actually plan on harming Largo. On the train ride back, Piro and Kimiko confess their experiences of the day, and both Largo and Kimiko chide Piro for being so down on himself. Seraphim and Boo look on, approving of recent developments. Back home, Kimiko teases Erika, then comforts her over her problems with Largo. Meanwhile, Yuki and Yuuji discover that Kimiko is suddenly very popular on the internet.

Omake Theater 2


Piro works on a wind turbine while Largo ruminates on using them to push back the winds of the approaching winter. Piro drops a wrench over the side and it breaks the arm of Kimiko, a haibane who is sitting at the base of the turbine. They take her back to Old Home. Largo expects to find Erika there but Kimiko reveals that she has disappeared. She tells Piro of how she kept a record of him and Largo in Erika's journal. By morning, Kimiko has died. Piro follows a distraught Largo back out to the wind turbine, watches him leap from it, and is left alone to reflect on pushing back the wind.